Rebecca Ivatts


After graduating in Modern Languages from Oxford University, Rebecca studied Objective Life Drawing and Painting at the Slade School of Art and Anatomy at the Princes Drawing School. Subsequently, she took classes in expressive life drawing with two tutors from the Royal College of Art. After living in Madrid for four years – where she gained a diploma in Painting Processes and Techniques at San Fernando Arts Academy - Rebecca has returned to London where she has her studio. Rebecca has exhibited her work in London, Madrid, Northern Spain, Athens and Ireland.

Rebecca Ivatts


The human body – as a subject of great power, strength and dynamism – has always been central to my work. For a heightened sense of presence and immediacy, I work with large formats that are life-size scale or larger.

While earlier work focuses on the external surfaces of the body (Baroque Bodies), recent work has seen me move 'inside.' Visceralia I (The quest for spheres) is a visual allegory for the artistic process - from darkness to light, the sphere symbolising the immaculate, pure artwork. It is also an apology for 'slow', organic artworks which take time to gestate and are less subject to external concerns.

My recent ALL IN THE MIND series is loosely based on brain imaging which provides the perfect, painterly springboard for the imagination. These 'mental portraits' are anything but clinical in nature, but rather a celebration of life and creativity. These 'mental portraits' have been selected to go on show at the British Neuroscience Festival 2017 (BICC).